Development Facilities

Ion and Electron Optics
ETP Ion Detect has developed proprietary ion-optical design software that can accurately simulate the path of ions in electrostatic and magnetic fields as well as the electron interactions with surfaces, which are central to the operation of an electron multiplier.

Detector Performance and Testing Systems
Test systems can measure spatial sensitivity, gain and noise along with specialized tests for some detectors such as pulse shape and width for TOF detectors. As well as the standard tests, R&D utilize a large number of specialized tests such as linearity and lifetime measurements.


Precision Metrology Facilities
Quality Assurance is the key to every ETP Ion Detect process. From design and manufacturing, to assembly and packaging, quality is built in to every aspect of the manufactoring process. 

ETP Electron Multipliers has a wide range of advanced metrology and inspection equipment including precision laser optics and CMM.


ETP Ion Detect has over 30 years experience in the manufacture of mass spectrometry ion detection system components.
ETP's Clyde facility features a large ISO class 7 clean room.


Quality Standards
ETP has continuously held ISO 9001 certification with since 2002.