Next Generation Ion Detection Products



DyneX ETP’s next generation discrete dynode electron multipliers incorporate new dynode technology and electron optical concepts

MagneX magnetic detector technology takes the concepts deployed in ETP’s award winning MagneTOF technology into non-TOF applications


Next generation MagneTOF magnetic detector technology for TOF applications

Improve the efficiency of TOF-MS mass spectrometers with the parallel wire TOF-MS ion optical grid, pioneered by ETP. We use a revolutionary manufacturing method developed using stretched 18um tungsten wires to improve the ion transmission efficiency of TOF-MS mass spectrometers, leading to enhanced analytical performance.

Signal Processing
In today's TOF MS systems, the ion detection system is frequently floated to several thousand volts, and a fast transient signal has to be collected from this environment, back down to the ground for further processing. ETP's unique capacitive decoupling technology allows a <500ps pulse from one of our fast MagneTOF detectors to be processed with minimal impact on peak shape and line ringing. This optimises obtainable mass spectrometer resolution and mass accuracy even further.