ETP Nomenclature

Term Meaning
Active Film Multipliers Dynode material producing air stability, long shelf life and high secondary yield
Analogue Output Direct current gain from detector output
Applied Voltage HV voltage applied across the detector
Dual Mode Detector containing both pulse counting and analogue outputs
Electric Fields Relates to ion/electron manipulation using electric fields
Gain Ratio of signal out (electrons) to signal in (ions)
Grids Parallel wire  grids used for field isolation and termination elements in TOF detectors
HED High energy conversion dynode
Ion Collection Ion collection efficiency
Ion to Electron Conversion Electron yield from ion impact
Ion/Electron Optics Ability to accurately model ion and electron trajectories during computer simulations
Magnetic fields Relates to ion/electron manipulation using magnetic fields
Noise Background signal detected caused by statistical, cold emission or out gassing
Operational Life The usable life of the detector
Pulse Counting Ion counting from electron multiplier
Secondary Electron Yield Number of electrons emitted from primary impact
TOF Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer